The Liebert iCOM-S system control offers a revolutionary way to harmonize and optimize thermal system performance across the data center, gain quick access to actionable data and automate system diagnostics and trending.

The supervisory control system is a single point for centralizing data from wireless sensors and cooling units. The system operates on an all-in-one, touch screen computer that mounts virtually anywhere.

The Liebert iCOM-S system control reduces thermal power consumption by up to 50 percent and prevents over-cooling and under-cooling. It uses machine-to- machine communications to fine-tune airflow and temperature as rack loads and environmental conditions change. Its teamwork modes harmonize the operation of multiple cooling units across the data center for higher efficiency and protection.

The system also reduces installation costs by up to 20 percent. The system reduces installation and maintenance by streamlining setup. It automatically detects and configures wireless sensors as they are added, removed or changed. It provides a single point for configuring and binding room sensors to cooling unit control groups. And it lets you easily imports floor plans for quick setup and customization.

Like all Emerson data center solutions, the Liebert iCOM-S system control is backed by local customer engineers with decades of data center experience and the industry’s largest network of factory-trained service technicians.

Higher Efficiency
+Reduce cooling energy usage by up to 50%
+Built-in multi-unit teamwork mode with no customization needed
+Cooling capacity automatically changes with load
+Automatic deactivation of un-needed units during low load conditions
+Integrates to up to 4,800 wireless rack sensors for monitoring and management
Greater Protection
+View operating properties of cooling units
+Direct connection to cooling unit eliminates possibility of 3rd party systems interference
+Set and monitor events thresholds and alarms
+Automate Lead/Lag, Cascade and Supply Compensation
+Use predefined, configurable failover routines and staging and valve routines
+Monitor sensor temperatures, battery condition and signal strength
+Ensure wireless sensor security and redundancy
Insight for Action
+Tracks key thermal metrics and visually displays urgent issues
+Historical analysis of unit and IT temperatures to assist with infrastructure changes and to view performance
+Multiple views – device, room, site
+Create new favorite trend metrics and overlay multiple view on one screen
+Preconfigured for simple BMS integration