ETI Corp-19″ “Fasnap” Blanking Panels

  • Gaskets seal panel against 19″ vertical rail, preventing unwanted air leakage.
  • Low profile front surface that does not interfere with vertical airflow.
  • Available in 1U to 23U – 19″ & 23″ rack applications.
  • Brushed pass through and window panels available.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Conforms to ASTM D610-01 and ASTM B117 (500 hours salt spray test).
  • Made in the USA.
  • Square Hole and Round Hole versions are available.
  • Sample upon request.
  • High grade code rolled steel .047 (1.2mm) thickness.
  • Powder coat finish preceded by 5 stage iron phosphate pre treatment.
  • Standard color is low gloss black. Special colors and/or Logos upon request.

With any size available, we assist the customer in driving down production time and costs associated to the typical 1u & 2u ordering. Anything gained on purchasing dozens or hundreds of 1 & 2u panels is simply lost in installation labor and un-necessary gaps-regardless of the claims. Our larger data center customers plan and order the right sizes to support expansion 2-3 times per year! By using this approach we can build larger orders at, or below the molded costs per U! This allows us to provide a tool-less panel with 2-3x the quality! Ask for a free sample and you’ll see what we mean!