ASCO 5350 Eight-Channel Remote Annunciator

The ASCO 5350 Remote Annunciator facilitates reliable monitoring, testing and control of ASCO transfer switches via built-in Ethernet technology.

The ASCO 5350 Remote Annunciator (RA) is a stand-alone, industrial grade interface device providing transfer switch status indication and transfer/retransfer control for up to eight transfer switches. Ethernet technology is incorporated for fast, reliable communication. LEDs indicate switch status and position, while separate push buttons individually initiate transfer switch operation and testing. Multiple annunciators overseeing the same transfer switches can be placed in different locations, allowing redundant, distributed monitoring and control.

  • Monitor transfer switches distributed throughout a site at a central hub or multiple locations.
  • Perform remote transfer test operations with the push of a button.
  • Use additional annunciators for real-time redundancy in various locations.
  • Additional remote annunciators can be daisy chained using integrated autosensing Ethernet ports for scalability.
  • Integrated Ethernet technology, support of Modbus protocol and ability to interface with various ASCO controllers provides flexibility for integration to existing systems.
  • Power supply and Ethernet connectivity is built right into the 5350 Remote Annunciator providing an all-in-one solution.

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