ASCO PowerQuest 5900 Series Critical Power Management System

PowerQuest 5900 Series CPMS provides custom engineered​ redundancy and scalability.

PowerQuest 5900 Series is ideal for complex on-site power systems that support ultra-critical applications such as data centers, large hospitals, financial centers and other operations where the stakes are high. Where 24/7 power reliability and redundancy is absolutely essential. When you must know what’s happening all the time, especially when system operation is outside of established parameters.

PowerQuest 5900 Series CPMS is project specific from inception with the quotation, submittals and network drawing provided for on-site deployment. An agnostic approach is taken with communicating to onsite equipment providing a comprehensive overview of facility status. A custom engineered oneline with intuitive equipment status, rack mounted server and networking equipment with built in redundancies is​ part of the 5900 Series package.

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