Simplex Expandable Filler Panel (EFP)

The Expandable Filler Panel (EFP) from Simplex Isolation Systems is a rigid telescoping panel designed to fill temporary gaps in the data center when racks have to be removed. The EFP can be used as a temporary or permanent solution to fill odd spaces between racks, building-support pillars or permanent walls.

The EFP installs easily. Loosen all three knobs and position the panel between the racks. Expand the panels until they cover the full space between racks. Allow the magnetic strips to catch hold of the racks, then tighten the knobs so that the panel is firmly in place.

  • Constructed from Class 1 fire-rated, 1/8” thick aluminum-skinned composite material for rigidity and durability.
  • The panel has 2” flanges on either side. Magnetic seals hold tight to cabinets. No need for mechanical fasteners.
  • Available in five different adjustable widths, from 6.5” to 56”.
  • Standard height is 84”. Custom heights are also available.
  • Stock color is semi-gloss black.
  • A quick solution to sealing off gaps in the data center when racks must be removed.
  • Reusable and stores easily.
  • Individual panels can be joined together to fit larger gaps.

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