Simplex Fire Suppression Access Ceiling

The Fire Suppression Access Ceiling from Simplex Isolation Systems is a smart addition to any data center fire protection program. In the event of a fire, the ceiling adeptly falls away, allowing sprinklers or fire suppression agents to circulate freely. The patent pending design features ceiling panels equipped with a UL-listed electromagnetic droplink activation system. The Fire Suppression Access Ceiling is superior to competing ceiling systems in that it is fail safe and creates a fully enclosed environment while inactive.

  • The framing comes in a standard clear anodized 6063-T5 aluminum. Black anodized framing also available.
  • Clear 1/8” polycarbonate inserts are standard.
  • Standard sizes are 4×4’, 4’x6’, and 4’x8’.
  • All hardware for attaching to frames and racks is included.
  • Includes soft open shocks and electromagnetic drop links.
  • Ceiling panels fall away through the use of a soft drop system, preventing injury to equipment and pesonnel in the event of deployment.
  • Utilizes a UL-listed electromagnetic droplink activation system to ensure fail safe protection in case of a power outage.
  • System can be tested and resent in the event of deployment, which conforms to NFPA 75 & 76 requirements.
  • Works with a rigid ceiling panel system, allowing for a fully enclosed data center aisle.

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