iCOM-S Color System Control

Control system for Liebert Thermal Management Systems

The Liebert iCOM-S system control is a single point for centralizing data from sensors and cooling units, unlocking the benefits of machine-to-machine communications to harmonize and optimize thermal system performance across the data center. This prevents units from working at cross-purposes and allows the system as a whole to adapt to changes in data center capacities as efficiently as possible to improve availability and energy efficiency. It operates on an all-in-one, touch screen computer that mounts virtually anywhere, providing quick access to actionable data and system diagnostics and trending.

  • Available as an upgrade to existing Liebert equipment
  • Single point for accessing data from all sensors and cooling units
  • Teamwork modes to harmonize the operation of multiple cooling units
  • Pre-configured for operation with Liebert iCOM unit controls
  • Pre-configured for sensor bonding and can detect and configure up to 4,800 wireless sensors, reducing sensor installation costs by up to 50 percent
  • Multiple zone support for configuration of different types of cooling spaces within the data center
  • Large format touch-screen simplifies configuration and access to functions and reports

Higher Efficiency

  • When used with Liebert iCOM unit controls, can reduce cooling energy usage by up to 50%
  • Advanced algorithms and machine-to-machine communications optimize the performance of thermal units across the data center
  • Automatic adjustments to airflow and temperature to optimize efficiency and ensure protection as data center capacity and environmental conditions change
  • Teamwork mode eliminates units from operating in conflict to improve efficiency and protection
  • Automatic de-activation of un-needed units during low-load conditions

Greater Protection

  • View operating properties of all cooling units
  • Set and monitor events thresholds and alarms
  • Automate Lead/Lag, Cascade and Supply Compensation
  • Monitor sensor temperatures, battery condition and signal strength
  • Ensure wireless sensor integrity, security and redundancy
  • User authorizations for security and on-board change log


Insight for Action

  • Tracks key thermal metrics and visually displays urgent issues
  • Historical analysis of unit and IT temperatures to assist with infrastructure changes and to view performance
  • Reduces installation costs by up to 20 percent by reducing requirements for integration with other systems and by streamlining configuration and setup
  • Multiple views – device, room, site levels
  • Create new favorite trend metrics and overlay multiple view on one screen

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