E+I-iMPB/ Intelligent Medium Powerbar

iMPB is available in two bar configurations from 160A up to 800A. The construction is enclosed within an aluminium casing with Ingress Protection of IP-2X. The conductors are manufactured from 99.99% conductivity copper and insulated with a custom thermoplastic material with outstanding heat transfer characteristics making it ideal for data centre applications.

E+I Engineering have completed iMPB installations in data centres across the globe where flexibility and security of electrical distribution is paramount.

iMPB has been engineered with the safety of the installer and user in mind. The all aluminium housing is a light and durable structure that also acts as a ground path.

Tap off units are fitted to the busway using E+I Engineering’s unique earth first, break last safety feature. Each tap off unit is secured to the busway using a high tensile strength lockable hardware which cannot be fitted incorrectly. The contacts in the tap-off can only be engaged once the unit has been correctly fitted to the busway.

  • Solid joint pack construction
  • Up to 12ft lengths
  • Advanced metering capabilities through integrated total and individual circuit monitoring
  • Overrated neutral option available for systems with non-linear loads
  • Can be installed flat or on its edge depending on specific project requirements
  • Depending on project requirements, iMPB can be installed flat or on edge using suitable bracketry
  • iMPB has a kA rating of 25kA RMS/ 1 sec for 160 and 250A and 30kA RMS/ 1 sec for 400A.
  • iMPB offers advanced metering which allows the user to monitor, integrate and display data centre power information via RJ45 Ethernet plug-in connections.
  • iMPB has zero footprint, maximising availablity within the white space
  • iMPB has the highest level of safety of any overhead busbar product on the market. The busbar is rated IP2X and tap off boxes are fitted with a unique ‘earth first, break last’ safety feature as well as a built in interlock to ensure that polarities don’t mismatch.
  • Open channel system allows tap off boxes to be inserted at any point along the busbar. This flexibility ensures that power can easily be added to any location in the data centre.

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