Liebert eXM UPS, 10-200 kVA/kW

The Liebert® eXM UPS is based on a reliable, double conversion power topology that uses an efficient transformer-free design. Excellent efficiencies of 95.4% are generated and can be enhanced to 98% using our unique Eco Mode. A unity power factor delivers more capacity in a smaller footprint.

Fixed capacities of 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200kVA/kW utilize a modular construction design with optimized ancillary cabinets. The new LCD user interface ensures accurate interaction with the system, with a low learning curve. Intelligent controls and communications integrate with Liebert Nform, SiteScan and the Trellis Platform. Life Services provides 24×7 remote monitoring by our expert staff to improve availability and lower labor costs.

  • Unity Power Factor ensures more power is provided in a smaller footprint, thus increasing system capacity while minimizing cabling and installation costs.
  • Industry leading efficiency rating: 95.4% for double conversion mode, and 98% for eco mode.
  • Optimized ancillaries provide small footprints for better use of space.
  • Comprehensive, easy to use LCD interface.
  • ENERGY STAR®  qualified.
  • UL924 for Emergency Lighting


  • Winning operating efficiencies – unique Eco Mode option delivers 98% efficiency, while the Double Conversion Mode generates an excellent 95.4%.
  • Efficiency levels remain high across multiple load scenarios, not just one or two design points.
  • Vertiv’s transformer-free design saves space, capital, weight and shipping costs.


  • Optimized ancillaries provide small footprints for better use of space
  • Designed to meet diverse voltage requirements.
  • Matching battery cabinets to meet extended runtime.
  • Bypass Cabinet allows full system maintenance without shutting down the critical load.
  • Distribution Panel Boards options to add more circuits
  • Parallel systems to obtain more capacity or add redundancy.
  • Emergency lighting inverter option for UL924 (10-60kVA).
  • Standard 65kA standard short circuit withstand rating
  • Design access to key components reduces maintenance/ repair time.


  • Comprehensive, easy to use LCD interface provides robust monitoring and control while reducing the likelihood of human error.
  • Integrated Albér battery monitoring option can prevent pending battery issues, the most common cause of UPS failures.
  • Dashboard provides easy monitoring of the UPS Batteries.
  • DCIM ready for: Liebert Nform, Liebert SiteScan® and The Trellis Platform provides basic to sophisticated infrastructure control.

Services and Support

  • The Liebert eXM UPS is designed for reliable operation and serviceability.
  • Vertiv, Liebert® Services has the only service organization in the world that has been factory trained on Liebert power equipment and is continuously supported and updated by the engineers who built the equipment. Our Customer Engineers have superior knowledge of how to maintain Liebert equipment and integrate it into the overall data center infrastructure support strategy.
  • LIFEServices by Vertiv provides continuous remote diagnostics and proactive service dispatch for Liebert eXM UPS. Our experts use advanced service level data and IP-based communications to anticipate, identify, diagnose and respond to problems before they can cause downtime or hinder performance.

Ideally suited for:

  • Small to medium-size data centers
  • Server rooms
  • Network closets
  • Remote facilities
  • Labs and testing facilities
  • Telecommunications or process control centers

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