Netsure 5100

NetSure™ 5100 High Temperature Series is designed for wireless access and fixed network applications offering unmatched temperature performance and high power density.  This durable and power dense 48 VDC power solution, features the NetSure Control Unit (NCU), up to (12) 2000 W high-efficiency eSure™ rectifiers and a multi-function battery and distribution connection unit

  •  96.2% efficient eSure rectifiers
  •  Wide Operating Temperature Range;  -40 °C to +80 °C, up to +65 °C without derating
  •  Up to three load disconnect levels (LVD)
  •  Remote Access – monitoring through web browsers, TCP/IP & SNMP as standard
  •  Battery Management – automatic battery tests in conjunction with battery midpoint or block voltage monitoring
  •  Optimized total cost of ownership with high efficiency eSure rectifiers
  •  OpEx Savings with environmentally durable model (up to +65 °C without derating)
  •  Optimized battery capacity with up to three load disconnect levels (LVD)
  •  Significant energy savings, even at low loads with ECO Mode
  •  Possible to detect backup problems early with automatic battery testing