Netsure™ 801 DC Power System

High-Density Power Systems for Large Business Critical Applications

NetSure™ 801 is Vertiv’s latest high-density power system. It offers the increased flexibility of a cabled plant in a centralized or distributed architecture. The system consists of individual power bays and distribution bays that may be configured to meet any application requirement. The primary applications for this system are wireline central offices, wireless MTSOs and data centers requiring nominal –48 VDC systems rated from 2,000 amps to 20,000 amps.

  • Providing up to 6000 A
  • Full current available to –58 VDC
  • Wide input voltage window and enhanced AC surge protection
  • AC distribution and DC distribution cabinets enable easy expansion
  • LCD display for alarm and components status
  • Optional remote monitor and control
  • Reduced cost through high power density, one rectifier cabinet can give 1500 A output
  • Easy to expand because of hot-swappable rectifier modules
  • Reliable DC supply to equipment thanks to robust and well-proven design

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