NetSure ITM with eSure™ Technology

48 VDC UPS, 70 kW to 280 kW

The NetSure™ ITM lowers the cost of data center design, operation and management. This 48 V direct current solution is a row-based DC UPS that delivers simple, scalable and highly efficient data center power protection in 70 kW modules. Up to four DC UPS modules can be installed together for 280 kW of total power.

The NetSure™ ITM is deployed directly on the server room floor, providing protected 48 V power to nearby equipment racks. This preserves the efficiency and reliability benefits of DC power, minimizes the amount of copper required, and enables modular growth.

NetSure™ rectifiers or power conversion units (PCUs) with eSure™ high-efficiency technology are the heart of the NetSure™ ITM. Each DC UPS module includes twelve independent 5.8 kW PCUs. Each DC UPS module is factory integrated with distribution and batter backup. 48 V branch distribution via 22 circuit breakers (6 fuses optional); 5 minutes to 10 minutes of battery backup is provided across three parallel 48 V battery strings.

The NetSure™ RDB Series offers complementary, plug-and-play zero rack unit power distribution options.


High system efficiency: Enables significant energy savings even at low loads.

  • Reduced end-to-end power conversion stages
  • Efficient power conversion units (PCUs)
  • Energy optimization mode for near-peak efficiency down to 5% load

Scalability and ease of deployment: Add expansion DC UPS modules as power needs increase, without interruption in the field.

  • Minimizes initial investment

DC architecture simplicity

  • Fewer components, conversion stages and distribution breakers throughout the power chain ensures high availability
  • Eliminates complex synchronization circuits and the need to de-rate capacity for phase balancing or harmonics

High reliability and exceptional resiliency: Uninterrupted operation in the unlikely event of multiple component failures.

  • Hot swappable PCUs are field replaceable without critical bus disruption

Ease of maintenance: Low voltage allows maintenance without bypass or shutdown.

Compact footprint: Row-based, integrated design saves considerable facility space.

  • Eliminates the need for a dedicated power room and separate PDU distribution

Flexible deployment options: Top or bottom cable entry allows for raised or non-raised floor installations.

Advanced control and monitoring: Real time input and output monitoring.

  • Power quality and consumption data
  • Enables facility planning for the system and each branch circuit
  • Albér battery monitoring technology assures optimal backup performance

One-year warranty: Provides full system coverage for one year.

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