Packet Power 48V DC Monitoring

DC monitoring made easy.

Most monitoring done in the 48V world is battery monitoring that is intended mainly to track the health of the battery banks. Packet Power’s DC solution focuses on an entirely different area — monitoring how 48V power is used. Compact power monitors use Packet Power’s unique self-configuring wireless mesh network allowing for rapid deployment of tens to thousands of monitors.

Monitoring can be done at multiple tiers within the main DC plant and in locations such as head ends and cell towers. Our DC monitors are an economical solution for both retrofit and new build facilities.


  • Monitors 48V DC circuits of any amperage
  • Measures V, A, W and Wh at ± 1.0% accuracy
  • Supports standard SNMP and Modbus protocols
  • Supports a wide range of integrated, external, split core and solid core current sensors
  • DIN clip, cable tie or adhesive pad mount
  • Small size, no networking wires and instant access to data
  • Lower purchase price and installation costs
  • Fully self-configuring and self-optimizing system lowers ongoing support costs
  • Automatically adapts when units are added or removed
  • Compatible with any hardware
  • Access data using SNMP or Modbus
  • Secure wireless proven to work in data centers run by major financial services firms, government agencies, and colo companies in over 30 countries worldwide

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