Packet Power Smart Power Cables

The simplest, most cost effective way to measure power in your data center.

Smart Power Cables incorporate metering in a power cord and provide access to the energy usage data via a wireless network. The cables can be used with any device with a plug including devices that are difficult to monitor with smart PDUs. There’s no need to uninstall existing equipment, and you can have one monitoring system that works across all your devices.

Packet Power’s Smart Power Cables cost less than other power metering solutions through a combination of lower equipment cost, lower installation costs and lower network support and equipment warranty costs. They install in minutes, easily scale from tens to thousands of units, and have been proven to work in critical facilities worldwide.

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  • Support single- and three-phase circuits from 10 to 63 Amps
  • Compatible with IEC, NEMA, specialized and regional connectors
  • Accurately measure Amps, Volts, Watts, kWh and power factor
  • Certified for use worldwide
  • Monitor anything with a plug including SANs, mainframes and switches
  • Maintain key data during power disruptions
  • Failsafe design will not disrupt the flow of power
  • Local LED display
  • Also available in integrated busway, underfloor whip, rack power strip and power panel formats
  • Install in minutes with no network cable drops or electricians required
  • Avoid hundreds of dollars per rack in costs tied to wiring racks for monitoring units
  • No costly IT resources needed for installation and ongoing support thanks to Packet Power’s self-configuring, self-optimizing wireless mesh network
  • Work with hardware from any vendor
  • Work with any monitoring application that supports Modbus or SNMP
  • Secure wireless proven to work in data centers run by major financial services firms, government agencies, and colo companies in over 30 countries worldwide

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