Packet Power Wireless Environmental Monitoring

The easiest, most affordable way to monitor environmental conditions in your facility.

Packet Power’s wireless Environmental Monitors provide the flexibility to monitor temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure exactly where you need. They provide the simplest way to get comprehensive, real-time data at the lowest cost per monitoring point in the industry. They install easily without expensive CFD studies or outside consultants.

Easily vary the number of temperature monitoring points per rack to minimize the cost of monitoring in low heat areas and maximize insight into high heat density and other problem areas. Mix and match different probe lengths to perfectly match your monitoring strategy or use preconfigured probe kits to maximize ease of installation.

  • Monitor temperature, humidity and differential pressure
  • Uses AC or battery power (2-year battery life)
  • Battery-powered wireless monitors provide ultimate flexibility in where monitors can be installed
  • Measures 6 or 12 temperature points per monitor
  • Utilizes Packet Power’s wireless protocol, purpose-built for data centers
  • Each monitor covers 1 to 6 cabinets based on your needs
  • Use with EMX Energy Portal to see real-time 3D facility heat maps
  • Grows easily from tens to thousands of monitoring points per facility
  • Send data to any DCIM or BMS using SNMP or Modbus protocols
  • Monitor only where you need and easily expand as needed
  • Lowest cost-per-monitoring point in the industry
  • Installs easily — pre-bundled temperature probe assemblies designed to fit standard cabinet sizes reduce installation time by up to 40%
  • No ongoing maintenance required thanks to Packet Power’s self-configuring, self-optimizing wireless mesh network
  • Secure wireless proven to work in data centers run by major financial services firms, government agencies, and colo companies in over 30 countries worldwide

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