SubZero-Rack Hat

The Subzero Rack Hat is the premium vinyl containment system that separates hot or cold airflow by mounting vinyl partitions from the ceiling. Aluminum tracks are mounted to the ceiling and uniquely sized vinyl is hung from the track. The fire resistant vinyl comes in these standard drop down sizes: 26″, 52″, 94″, 106″, 118″, 142″ and 178″. The aluminum track comes in these standard lengths: 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′. The Rack Hat corner system provides a seamless corner for optimum efficiency within the containment. The Rack Hat’s modular and easy-to-assemble kit-based design makes it the industry’s best, low-cost containment solution.


Modular Design
Overlapping Vinyl
No Tools Required
360º Ceiling Grid Attachment
Fire Rated Vinyl & Links
ESD Resistant
Seamless Corner System


Containment Benefits:
Separates Hot and Cold Air
Reduced Energy Consumption
Increased Cooling Capacity
Increased Rack Population
Consistent Acceptable Supply to IT Intake
More Power Available for IT Equipment
Increased Equipment Up-time
Longer Hardware Life

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