Complete Integrated Infrastructure

Industry leading design. All products integrated in the system-thermal management, monitoring, racks, optional UPS/Power Distribution and rack PDUs-work together to optimize capacity, efficiency and availability.
Industry Best Practices
  • Employs best practices known to work well in top-performing data centers:
  • Hot aisle / cold aisle separation
  • High availability, high efficiency UPS
  • Highest efficiency cooling
  • Space-saving, minimal footprint
  • Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
  • Integrated monitoring and control for efficiency in planning and management
  • Reliable local service
Compact Footprint
  • Integrated design occupies less floor space and reduces costs.
Quick Installation
  • Easily deployable and ready to use within weeks.
Simplified Project Management
  • Network of local data center experts and service teams make ordering, installing and servicing the SmartRow Plus solution easy.


  • Reduces energy cost by more than 30% through better PUE
  • Optimizes space utilization through an integrated design
  • Order, install and implement in just a few weeks
  • Single web-based intelligent management interface provides insight on power, cooling, data center environment
  • Enhances operational reliability and efficiency
  • Pre-engineered infrastructure for multiple remote site deployment
  • Single system service for startup, warranty, preventive maintenance and repair
Application Scenarios
  • Small Data Center/Computer Room
  • Expanding Data Center in growth
  • Raised or non-raised floor

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