PQI Type – TPM

Revenue Class Meter with Data Logging Capabilities


Best-In-Class Multifunction Power & Energy Meter

  • Provides for transformer efficiency validations, per CSA 802.5 or PQI Calculator™ for project specification compliance.
  • Confirms anticipated loading and load K-Factors.
  • Eliminates the inconvenience, cost and potential hazards when connecting temporary power analyzers.
  • Monitors power and harmonic profiles, locally and remotely, via MODBUS or Ethernet, with standard protocols, when undertaking system alterations and/or expansions.
  • Real time data viewing on a personal computer or web page.
  • Contributes to higher US Green Building Council LEED status for Energy & Atmosphere: Enhanced Commissioning, Optimized Energy Performance, Advanced Energy Metering, Demand Response and Green Power and Carbon Offsets.
  • Identifies underutilized transformers as potential power sources for future expansions.
  • Identifies transformer downsizing retrofit opportunities for higher transformer efficiency.
  • Identifies harmonic mitigation requirements.
  • Helps validate vendor’s equipment savings.

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