PQI-Type Z – I0Filter™

High Efficiency, Zero-Sequence Harmonic Filter for High K-Factor, Phase-to-Neutral Connected Nonlinear Loads


Proprietary Phase Shifting for Positive & Negative Harmonic Current Cancellation

  • Reduces Voltage Distortion to < 5% THDv at the connected Nonlinear Loads
  • Reduces Neutral-to-Ground voltages to < 4V a Phase-to-Neutral Connected Nonlinear Loads
  • Available in Parallel or Series Configurations
  • Restores Switch-Mode Power Supplie’s ‘Ride-Through’ Capability
  • Reduces ‘Penalty Losses’ due to Zero-Sequence Harmonic Currents
  • Reduces Apparatus Heating and A/C Loading
  • Provides Phase Current Balancing at all frequencies
  • Assures System Compatibility with Sensitive Electronic Loads
  • Industry Leading ROI and Paybacks
  • Easy to install in New or Retrofit Applications

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