Arc Flash Devastation and Downtime… Avoided

Complete arc flash solutions for regulatory compliance from Vertiv

Electrical arc flash is a serious hazard with potentially devastating effects. Provided in our arc flash resource center is information designed to help you understand what arc flash is and the importance of arc flash safety. You’ll also learn how to recognize warning signs and mitigate arc flash hazards, as well as how to meet arc flash requirements and achieve compliance with industry standards.

With changing regulations and OSHA requirements, citations for data centers appear to be on the rise, especially when it comes to employers performing electrical maintenance near energized equipment. Because many business-critical facilities do not take equipment offline for service, there is an increased threat of downtime and employee injury due to an electrical arc.

Understanding how to achieve arc flash compliance and manage data center safety can be difficult and may require the help of experts familiar with industry standards and best practices. Get help today.

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