Reduce your IT and facility operating costs and consumption

Data centers and large-scale IT operations can cut costs, save energy, and earn rebates through our Data Center Efficiency program.

Xcel Energy Project Preapproval Rebate Form

Earn rebates, save money, and improve your bottom line

Over the lifetime of a motor, the initial capital outlay only makes up 5% of the total cost. The other 95% comes from the energy required to run the motor. Use our rebates when you install qualified high-efficiency motors, constant speed motor controllers or drives to offset your first costs.

Xcel Energy VSD Rebate Form CRS-1982

New Prescriptive Rebates for Data Center Efficiency

  • $1200 per fan for retrofit applications
  • $700 per fan for new unites equipped with EC motor plug fans

(In-row and overhead units may still qualify for a data center custom rebate, which requires pre-approval)

Xcel Energy Prescriptive Rebate Form