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For your business, downtime is not an option. When you are facing a major event, such as severe weather, there is no room for power failure. Standby services from Vertiv provide the support you need to ensure reliable power within your data center. Simply request support, and an expert technician will come to your site, ready to take action if and when something goes wrong at your data center.


  • On-site personnel, available 24/7, provide expert reinforcement to help ensure business continuity or speedy recovery
  • Ongoing damage assessment allows for immediate action when possible, as well as planning for recovery efforts following a major event
  • Spare parts support ensures you are able to find the right parts to get offline equipment back up and running, which can be a difficult task during a widespread recovery effort
  • Acceptance testing and startup of any newly installed components is completed per applicable safety standards and manufacturer specifications


  • Priority attention during an unexpected event is given to customers with a service contract
  • Supplemental human resources with domain expertise allows you to reallocate your internal personnel as needed
  • More direct access to engineering support from the original equipment manufacturer leads to a shorter mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Superior spare parts support means you have access to often hard-to-find parts for faster equipment restoration
  • Better availability of your business-critical systems is due to on-site experts working to minimize downtime and helping plan for a speedy, safe recovery

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