Vertiv Knürr Electronic Lock Rack Locking Systems Managed

Electronic rack door handle for DCM or MIR2 doors, controlled by keycard and/or Pincode. Access is managed via Administration Suite Software.


  • Encrypted data communication between the hardware, server and client.
  • Admin Suite runs on Windows Operating Systems
  • Allows administration of various users with different types of authorization.
  • Client/server capability. Web client-capable,
  • SNMP alarming.
  • Record changes made to the system by users.
  • Wide range of alarm messages.
  • Automatic alarm notification via e-mail.
  • Centralized locking plans and access management.
  • The top LED on the handle can indicate various statuses, such as that the handle is ready to be opened or locked.
  • The bottom LED displays whether the handle is within or outside the temperature range for the cabinet selected by the customer.
  • The information display integrated into the handle is backlit and allows customer-specific information,
  • Iintegrated Keypad
  • They can be used with either keycard, keypad or both (two-factorauthentification).
  • Administration Suite 2.0Order number:
  • Freely selectable four-eyes-principle.
  • Support for the most common transponder types.
  • Central management of various systems. Records all actions in "Log Events".
  • Real-time visualization of the swing handle stations.
  • 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface
  • Encrypted IP communication to the management server


The integrated LEDs display alarm messages and types of authorization on the handle itself.As a result, technicians on site are given the same information that the Administration Suite software sends to the headquarters. LEDs at the top andbottom of the handle offer permanently high luminosity with low power consumption. As a result, the lock status can be determined quickly, even from a distance of several meters. MLR5000KP can be used with either keycard, keypad or both (two-factorauthentification).