Liebert iCOM Control Upgrade Service

Liebert iCOM Control Upgrade Service

Icom Control Upgrade ServiceIn a typical data center, cooling accounts for 38 percent of total energy consumption. Improvements to your cooling system are an opportunity for significant cost savings. Liebert iCOM control upgrade service enables more efficient variable capacity control. The intelligent control capabilities immediately enable energy and cost savings.

Balancing the demands of your power and cooling infrastructure doesn’t have to be a challenge. Liebert iCOM control upgrade service gives you the control you need to optimize data center performance. The controls use original Liebert parts and are installed by an expert OEM service team that has supported thermal management strategies within best-in-class data centers around the world. Having manufactured thermal systems since 1964, Vertiv has unmatched expertise that is leveraged to ensure your upgrade is done right the first time with minimal system downtime.

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