Avocent AV 2216 Analog KVM Switch

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Avocent AV 2216 Analog KVM Switch | FrontView
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Built for small datacenters and remote/branch office environments, this analog KVM switch is used to control and access your servers. AutoView KVM switches can be upgraded to enable remote management with the purchase of a Remote Access Key


  • Powerful User Access Control- An administrator can grant KVM access to only certain users. The administrator can also limit KVM access to specific targets on the switch.- The AutoViewTM switch supports smart card and CAC authentication to target devices, enabling the extension of two-factor authentication requirements.
  • Local Port AccessSupport for USB keyboards and mice.
  • Single SolutionSupport for USB, PS/2, Sun and serial target devices in a single solution.
  • Graphical, Multilingual OSDAdvanced, graphical On-Screen Display eases system configuration and server selection.
  • Space-SavingCAT-5, thin cabling saves space in the rack and allows up to a 30 meter distance between the server and the switch.
  • Intelligent CablingServer interface modules and integrated access cables automatically assign andretain unique server names for each attached server.


  • Flexible and ScalableThe AutoView KVM switch is available in two options to meet different needs. The AV2108 switch supports a single user and up to eight server or serial devices. The AV2216 supports up to two users and 16 server or serial devices.
  • Streamlined ManagementThe Avocent AutoView KVM switch ships with two intuitive, integrated management interfaces. The OSCARTM on-screen display for local access and the Web User Interface provides remote management for switches that have been upgraded with the Remote Access Key
  • SecureIn high security environments, CAC support with encryption for smart cards and password protection for local users, provides security you can depend on. Encryption options include 128-bit SSL, AES, DES and 3DES and they can be selected for keyboard, mouse and video signals and virtual media sessions. 

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