Cybex SC740 Secure Desktop KVM

Cybex SC740 Secure Desktop KVM | LeftSideView

The Cybex™ SC740 secure desktop KVM is designed to meet the stringent specifications of the U.S. government and certified to assurance level EAL2+.


NIAP Common Criteria - validated to EAL2+Multiple layers of security - U.S. designed firmware allows only keyboard and mouse human interface devices (HIDs) to switch to the target computers. Tamper-evident tape shows a visual indication of an attempt to gain access to the internal components of the switch. Locked memory prevents tampering and reprogramming of the firmwareSecure channels - Two to eight secure channels and 60dB crosstalk isolation to prevent data leaks between adjacent portsClears buffer - Automatically clears the keyboard buffer immediately after data is transmitted through the switch, so no data is ever left in the switch

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