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Staying abreast of the changing regulatory requirements for safety in your critical facility can be a challenge that requires assistance from an external resource. You don’t want to risk possible fines, penalties, and dangers of non-compliance. By working with experienced professionals to assess the safety of your facility, you’ll get the information you need to bring your physical infrastructure and work practices into compliance and protect your business and employees.


  • Safety policy review ensures your workplace has a documented safety program that aligns with regulatory requirements and is properly managed
  • Inspection of electrical systems help identify safety deficiencies such as improper installation, design or labeling that could have dangerous consequences
  • Workforce observation determines if documented safety policy is being followed by all personnel
  • Comprehensive report outlines areas of the safety program that require improvement and includes recommendations for making the needed changes


  • Improved protection for your people and equipment is the result of a periodic audit of the work environment and work practices
  • Better alignment of safety program with regulatory requirements is achieved with help from regulatory and critical infrastructure experts
  • Required documentation that aligns with OSHA inspections helps you comply with safety guidelines
  • Fewer citations, fines, or penalties result from using safety audit information to guide your compliance efforts

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