Self-contained, pre-configured, pre-engineered and factory tested infrastructure solutions for data centers and telecom networks.​


  • Fully integrated - Factory assembled and tested for power, thermal management, rack enclosure, power distribution, monitoring and management, and security for IT applications. No dedicated IT room is required.
  • Dust protection and noise insulation - Fully closed operation, cold/hot air is circulated within the rack for better temperature and humidity control, expanding lifespan of IT equipment, low noise level. Highly suitable for office environment.
  • Highly Efficient - Built-in high efficiency UPS and cooling equipment, that uses DC frequency conversion technology for energy savings.
  • User-friendly interface - Large 7-inch LCD touch panel that allows for easy access to system status/alarms/ setting.
  • Fast deployment – SmartCabinet provides faster deployment and is ready to use from day one, removing the need to build, construct and design computer rooms which dramatically reduces the required deployment period compared to a traditional IT facility build.
  • Central Management – optional feature of RDU-M that provides central management of multiple SmartCabinet sites.

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