Vertiv MPH2 MPHB4212

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This product is discontinued.


  • Industry leading operating temperature — up to 60˚C / 140˚F to support hot Internal rack environments
  • Bi-stable relays ensure basic power distribution in the event that intelligence is compromised
  • Accurate power metering of +/-1% voltage & current for assured oversight
  • Energy and power metering at the input and branch
  • Comprehensive alarming including notification of overloaded branch circuits
  • Environmental sensing with threshold and alarm set-points
  • Notification on the loss or removal of individual rack equipment loads


  • Monitors electrical and environmental parameters with set threshold and alarm tools
  • Allows you to predict failing conditions before they occur and proactively manage connected equipment for maximum uptime
  • Energy and power metering to maximize the data center power and cooling infrastructure
  • Lowest power consumption of all switched rack PDU designs ensures lower operating costs for datacenter
  • Up to four MPH2 rack PDUs may be interconnected as a Rack PDU Array™, consolidating user IP connections and device monitoring.

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