UPS Equipment for Large Data Centers

These Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units are best for use in your large data center environment. They are perfect for facility-wide protection of sensitive electronic equipment while optimizing reliability. Browse our full line of Vertiv Enterprise UPS equipment below. Need help to select the right equipment? Try our UPS Selection Tool to get a customized recommendation.
UPS Buyers Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Whether your IT equipment is in an IDF room or a large data center, a UPS is an important part of your availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans. Need help selecting the right UPS? Our free guide will help identify your UPS needs, power requirements, and more.
Data Center Systems, Inc Liebert NXL

Liebert NXL

Provides reliable power protection and advanced technology for high power applications. Offers excellent dynamic performance, with the ability to handle virtually any input condition while still providing computer grade output to critical loads.​

Liebert Trinergy Cube UPS

Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube is the latest large modular UPS offering by Vertiv™. With one million kW of power installed since 2015, Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube is now available in North America with capacities up to 1600 kW. The UPS design offers industry-leading availability through hot-modular power cores, distributed batteries, circular redundancy, and redundant fans. The latest high efficiency Dynamic Online mode enables operating efficiency up to 99% without sacrificing availability. Compatible with Lithium-ion battery systems.

Liebert® EXL S1 UPS

The Liebert® EXL S1 is a monolithic, transformer-free UPS that features optimized, industry leading footprint and power per square foot, excellent operating efficiency, robust electrical protection and intelligent paralleling that optimizes performance at partial load to achieve superior cost savings. Available in single module and distributed bypass configurations. Compatible with lithium ion battery systems.